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Brochure-BRN Intervention Program

Being a registered nurse (RN) does not guarantee immunity from substance use disorders (SUDs) or mental illness. In fact, most people suffering from an SUD, treatable brain disease or mental illness may not even recognize they have a problem.

According to the Journal of Nursing Regulation, an estimated 10 to 20 percent of nurses are chemically dependent (Journal of Nursing Regulation, Vol. 2, July 2011). Healthcare professionals, including RNs, may be particularly susceptible to substance abuse due to job stresses and access to controlled substances.  Mental illness, such as major depression, may also affect an RN’s ability to practice safely.

The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) offers the Intervention Program as a voluntary, alternative-to-discipline (ADP), rehabilitation program for RNs afflicted with an SUD or mental illness.

They often are the last to admit they need help.

To learn more about BRN’s Intervention Program–watch the video now.

BRN and DCA would like to thank the parties below for participating in the making of this video:

  • BRN staff and enforcement unit
  • DCA’s Communications Division–Office of Public Affairs and Printing, Design & Editing
  • The three CA licensed nurse participants
  • Sutter Health Systems

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