We ❤️ Veterans

Thank you for your service. It may sound cliche, but we mean it. At the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), we are proud of the men and women who have served in our country’s military. And we are proud to live in a country where a phrase like “thank you for your service” is so common it’s in danger of becoming cliched. Let’s make that happen!

At the same time, we also feel that thanking a veteran ought to be more than just a word exercise. So we’ve developed a number of programs designed to have a significant, positive impact on the lives of veterans. From the businesses we choose to partner with, to the professionals we license and the employees we hire, DCA is looking out for the military personnel who have served our country. Here are three examples:

Hiring Preference

When a position opens up at DCA, the hiring process is competitive. Most would-be employees must first take a state exam to establish their qualifications, their “eligibility.” Hiring managers get a list of eligible candidates to consider based on the results of those exams. Many positions within DCA are offered with veterans’ preference, meaning qualified veterans move to the top of the eligibility list. But it’s not just veterans. A widow or widower of a veteran, or the spouse of a 100 percent disabled veteran, also qualifies for the veterans’ preference.

If veterans’ preference applies to a job offering, it will say so right on the job bulletin describing the open position. It’s important to note that veterans’ preference is only offered to those who are getting their first job with the State of California. Once you’re a state employee, veterans’ preference isn’t applied to promotional opportunities.

For more on veterans preference hiring, click here.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services “Veterans Come First Program”

For many who’ve risked their lives guarding our democracy abroad, guarding our safety at home is a natural transition. That’s why DCA’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) has a large number of veterans applying for licenses to work as security guards, private patrol operators, and other similar professions. BSIS has developed its “Veterans Come First Program” to help them.

Under this program, BSIS gives priority to veterans in the licensure process. And when a veteran’s application requires special attention, BSIS assigns a staff person to support the veteran through the process. Veterans are also given a direct line to staff members they can contact with any questions they have about any difficulties they face in getting a BSIS license.

For more on the BSIS Veterans Comes First Program, click here.

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises 

The Department of Consumer Affairs aggressively seeks out business opportunities with Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises. DVBEs are special businesses that are majority-owned and operated by a disabled veteran or veterans. We believe the effort we invest in seeking out and developing relationships with these businesses creates opportunity, and stimulates the state’s overall economy. We’re proud that we engage with DVBEs at consistently higher rates than 3 percent of our business, which is the mandated minimum.

To do business with us as a DVBE, a business must be certified. Also, its easier for us to connect with DVBEs if they are California Multiple Awards Schedule contractors. The California Department of General Services can help you through that process.

To learn more about Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises, click here.

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