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What You Learned on Your Summer Vacation

When we were kids, the only thing we had to worry about during summer vacation was what to do with all of that time off. As adults, we have other summer-related things to worry about—like how to keep our pets cool, how to protect our homes when we are away, how to prep the car…

November is American Diabetes Month

Did you know that 1 in 11 Americans today has diabetes?  Despite its prevalence, diabetes is an invisible disease.  It affects men and women, people young and old, and people of all races, shapes and sizes.  Often there are no outward signs of the disease from the 29 million Americans who fight this chronic illness…

Board of Podiatric Medicine Appoints New Executive Officer

The California Board of Podiatric Medicine (BPM) announces the appointment of Brian Naslund as its new Executive Officer, effective October 26, 2016. Read the news release here.

Men Discovering Pedicures Are “Man-Tastic”

In case you haven’t noticed, pedicures aren’t just for women anymore. A growing number of men—both young and old and who aren’t even Hollywood celebrities—are taking the pampered plunge. They’re discovering what women have known all along: Getting a spa foot treatment can be a luxurious experience that not only makes you look great, but…

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