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Osteopathic Medical Board of California secures license surrender from Salinas-area doctor after lewd conduct investigation

Robert Wlodarczyk has surrendered his license to practice medicine, as physician and surgeon, under terms of an agreement with the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. The surrender was effective yesterday. Full news release here.

Buyer Beware: International Online Learning

More and more students are ditching brick-and-mortar in the quest for a mortarboard. The advantages of online learning are enticing. Getting classes wherever and whenever a student wants, avoiding the costs of dorm living or the hassle of a commute, and connecting with professors from anywhere in the world, all rank among the benefits of…

Eye Spy with My Little Eye. Light-Adaptive Contact Lenses Are Coming!

Many of us know someone who wears prescription eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses when they are exposed to sunlight.  These are also known as photochromic lenses. For the last 50 years, this convenient option was only available in eyeglasses, but now a change is on the horizon for consumers who wear contact lenses. Pending approval…

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