This August, the Focus is on Eye Exams

On July 19, California Senator Andy Vidak introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 70, declaring August 2017 as National Eye Exam Month in California to promote consumer awareness about the importance of eye health and safety.

Founded by Sears Optical in 1989, this annual designation continues to be observed by eye care professionals nationwide, and serves as a helpful reminder that regular comprehensive eye exams are an important part of one’s overall health.

All eye exams are NOT equal. A vision screening is NOT a comprehensive eye exam.

While a vision screening may determine if a vision problem is present or if a person has a potential vision problem, it cannot detect if a person has other health issues such as retinal tears or eye infections. These conditions can only be diagnosed through having a comprehensive eye exam performed by a licensed professional.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs licenses eye care professionals such as optometrists and ophthalmologists through the Board of Optometry and the Medical Board respectively, and makes it simple for California consumers to check the license status of these professionals.

For more information about comprehensive eye exams, or to check the license status of a professional, visit the respective board’s website at or






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