Why Sasha Fierce Should Worry About Her Bite

Twitter went off the charts and the Beyhive—Beyonce’s dedicated fan base—went wild after comedian Tiffany Haddish let it slip during an interview with GQ Magazine that she allegedly saw someone bite Queen Bey on the face at a post Jay-Z concert after party in December.

#WhoBitBeyonce is the biggest mystery of 2018 so far, and it’s a question that has not been answered yet—although there have been hundreds of hunches, guesses, and shots (should we say bites) in-the-dark from amateur detectives about the identity of the perpetrator.

While the who-done-it continues to be a pop culture sensation, human bites are nothing to mess with. According to Healthline.com, human bites are the third most common bite treated in emergency rooms after dog and cat bites.

A few Beyonce bite-related tweets.

Plus, because of all of the bacteria in the human mouth, a human bite can be just as dangerous or more dangerous than a nip from a canine or feline, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Not only can diseases such as HIV, the hepatitis B and C viruses and syphilis be passed through a bite, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) says that even minor human bites can get infected. These infections spread quickly and can damage joints.

Even if you fall and break your own skin with your teeth it can be dangerous. Yep, it’s still considered a bite.

Whether the bite is self-inflicted or comes from someone else, staff at the Mayo Clinic says if you receive a bite that breaks the skin, you should:

  • Stop the bleeding by applying pressure with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Apply a clean bandage.Cover the affected area with a non-stick bandage.
  • Seek emergency medical care.

If you haven’t had a tetanus shot within five years, your doctor may recommend a booster. In this case, get the booster shot within 48 hours of the injury.

The AAOS suggests seeing a doctor within 24 hours of the incident and to keep an eye on the wound for these symptoms:

Signs of an Infection

  • Warmth around the bite wound
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • A pus discharge

Signs of Tendon or Nerve Damage

  • An inability to bend or straighten the finger.
  • A loss of sensation over the tip of the finger.

Also, be prepared to tell your doctor exactly what happened; don’t be mysterious. In addition, make sure your doctor’s license is in good standing by checking with the Medical Board of California.



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