New Acupuncture Board Logo is on Point

The California Acupuncture Board recently overhauled its logo to reveal a more aesthetically pleasing and descriptive symbol. A logo is a visual expression of what an entity is and does. It’s an important part of branding and a cornerstone of an entity’s communications plan. Plus they look cool if designed well.

The previous logo simply wrapped the board’s name across the bottom of the Great Seal of California, which didn’t do much to represent what the board does. The new version depicts stylized needles, representing the primary tool of the profession. The look of the needles is softened with leaves which are a nod to another area of acupuncture—herbal medicine.

The mission of the California Acupuncture Board is to protect, benefit, and inform the people of California by exercising the licensing, regulatory, and enforcement mandates of the Acupuncture Licensure Act and Acupuncture Regulations. The board’s legal mandate is to regulate the practice of acupuncture and Asian medicine in California. The board established and maintains entry standards of qualification and conduct within the acupuncture profession, primarily through its authority to license and promote safe practice through the improvement of educational training standards, continuing education, enforcement of the Business and Professions Code, and public outreach.

Before seeing an acupuncturist, verify the license on the board’s website at by clicking on the “License Search” button. To learn more about acupuncture, click on the “Consumers” tab, then “Consumers Frequently Asked Questions.”

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