Referees Can Help Motorists Clear the Air

Program assists consumers with special emission situations

The Smog Check Program is a critical part of the state’s strategy to improve the air quality in California. Addressing any issues identified during your vehicle’s Smog Check is an important contribution you can make toward this effort and ensures we all breathe better. For consumers having trouble passing Smog Check, there’s help.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair’s Smog Check Referee Program offers a variety of services and resources to help consumers obtain their Smog Check certificates. Referees are conveniently located at various community colleges throughout the state and have the expertise and equipment necessary to resolve special Smog Check issues.

Smog Check referees can help you with:

  • Reviewing Smog Check results. If you have concerns about the results of your Smog Check and would like a third-party evaluation, make an appointment with the referee.
  • Resolving a citation. A referee can inspect your vehicle and provide guidance for bringing it into compliance if you have received a ticket for modified emission controls or excessive exhaust noise.
  • Locating a hard-to-find part. Sometimes, the emission control part required to repair a vehicle can be hard to find. Give the referee a call for help to track down the part.
  • Inspecting a specialty vehicle. Some vehicles require special smog services. Referees can inspect specially constructed vehicles, kit cars, vehicles with engine changes, modified vehicles, and other vehicles with unusual operating characteristics or designs.
  • Obtaining a repair cost waiver. Repairing your vehicle in time to renew registration can be costly. Find out if you are eligible for a waiver that allows you additional time to complete repairs.

To schedule an appointment with a referee, call the toll-free call center at (800) 622-7733 or visit


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