Defrauded in a real estate transaction? Learn about CalBRE’s Consumer Recovery Account

CalBRE_Logo_HiRes_smallIf you are a consumer who has been victimized in a real estate transaction,  DCA’s California Bureau of Real Estate may be able to help you recover some of your financial loss. The Real Estate Consumer Recovery Account enables a consumer who has been defrauded or had trust funds converted by a real estate licensee in a transaction requiring a license to recover all or a portion of his or her out-of-pocket loss when the licensee has insufficient assets to pay for that loss. The requirements for payment from the recovery account include obtaining a final civil judgment, arbitration award, or criminal restitution order against the licensee(s) involved.  To learn more about the Recovery Account, and to find out if you qualify, visit the California Bureau of Real Estate website at  or download the related brochure.

It’s also available in Spanish and Chinese.

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