New Video Helps Victims of Closed Schools File for Financial Relief

The Office of Student Assistance and Relief (OSAR) has a new video to help educate students who attended a closed private postsecondary school to apply for financial relief.

OSAR works with students of closed schools and can help them apply for possible reimbursement from the Student Tuition Reimbursement Fund, which is administered by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. OSAR can also help students get the documents they need to complete the application. Financial relief includes assistance with student loan debt and other out-of-pocket expenses related to their education.

The new video walks students through completing an application for those funds.

OSAR was established in July 2017 to advocate and support students of private postsecondary schools in California. OSAR staff assists students of closed schools by making them aware of all possible state and federal debt relief programs and helps them access those programs. OSAR can also help students get their school records or transfer to another school.

View the new video here:

For more information about OSAR, click HERE.


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