Fee Waiver, Alternative Path Offered to Vocational Nursing Students at Brightwood Colleges

Present your application to the Director. It is a rite of passage for would-be vocational nurses in the State of California. Graduates from a vocational nursing program must have the director of that program sign-off on their application to get a license from the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians. It’s one of the last steps to becoming a licensed professional. There’s even a spot on the application for a “school seal,” adding a little extra gravitas to the endorsement, and the hours of hard work it represents.

But what do you do if your school no longer has a director? What do you do if your school no longer exists? With the sudden announcement December 5 that Brightwood Colleges nationwide would be closing their doors permanently, 1000’s of students have good reason to believe that school’s seal will never be affixed to another application again.

It’s an uncertain and stressful time for Brightwood students, especially those nearing the end of their studies. The Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians has found a way to help. The board has always offered different paths to the vocational nursing license. One of those paths is called “Equivalency.” It doesn’t require endorsement from a school director or a school seal. The board is waiving the $150 application fee for Brightwood College students in their final term, if those students apply using the equivalency method.

The application must be submitted online, and it must be done before January 31st, 2019. To have the $150 fee waived, students need to attach a signed note, affirming they were displaced from a Brightwood program. For the required forms and instructions on how to apply, follow this link:


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