Photo ID’s for Security Professionals

Every day, Californians turn to alarm companies to help protect what’s most precious to them—their families, their homes, and their businesses. So they want to know that those alarm companies are professional, and will do the job right. That’s where the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) comes in. BSIS licenses and regulates the men and women who install and service alarms, enforcing the high professional standards California consumers want from anyone doing those jobs.

As an extra measure of security for consumers, the technician or manager you’re working with may carry a photo identification card that shows they are a BSIS licensee. The bureau has partnered with a private firm to issue photo identification cards for alarm company employees. The registration or certificate number of the licensed professional will appear on the identification alongside the picture, and is only valid while the status of that certification number or registration is clear and current.

Similar photo identification cards are available for locksmiths, repossessors, and security guards.

It’s important to note, the photo identification card for these BSIS licensees is optional. An alarm company manager or agent doesn’t need to have this photo identification to be a licensee in good standing with BSIS. You can check for the status of any alarm company or agent by going online to the BSIS “Verify a License” page by clicking here. And if you believe an alarm company is operating without a license, or hasn’t performed to the professional standards demanded by BSIS, you can file a complaint with the bureau by clicking here.

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