New Video Chronicles Workers’ Rights Town Halls

New resource supplements other workers’ rights education materials

In 2017, the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC) held two public town hall events—one in Northern California and one in Southern California—to educate its licensees on the important topic of workers’ rights and responsibilities. A snapshot of those events in the form of a video is now available on the board’s website, which serves as a road map for licensees to access more information on the topics covered in the events.

The events dovetailed the board’s statewide media campaign, “CASafeSalon” (#CASafeSalon), which educates the public and licensees about salon safety and infection control. The board used the town halls venue to introduce its publication, “Understanding Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities,” which is also available on the board’s website.

The purpose of workers’ rights is to ensure that all employees are treated lawfully, paid a minimum wage, and not subjected to any form of harassment within the workplace. Other topics covered in the town halls (and touched on in the video) included understanding your worker classification and appropriately informing and paying your employees as well as how to create a safe and healthy workplace.

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