Department of Consumer Affairs Appoints New Chief to Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) announces the appointment of Gina Chiaverini Sanchez as the new bureau chief for the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, effective February 20, 2019. Ms. Sanchez replaces former bureau chief, Lisa Moore who retired last year.

Ms. Sanchez has 11 years of experience working for DCA in various capacities. Most recently, she served as the Licensing Division Chief at the California Board of Accountancy (CBA). Ms. Sanchez led a team whose primary charge was to meet the board’s consumer protection mission by ensuring that only those who are qualified are licensed to practice public accountancy. There she learned how to lead a board and its various functions including licensing, examination, enforcement and administration. Notably, Ms. Sanchez was able to implement a new IT credit card payment system for license renewal, develop and implement new regulations to add clarity and keep up with an ever-changing industry, and meet licensing processing time goals.

Prior to joining CBA, Ms. Sanchez gained valuable experience in various capacities for the Board of Registered Nursing, DCA’s Office of Human Resources and DCA’s Business Services Office. Mrs. Sanchez began her career in 2006 as a motor vehicle technician at the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to her first appointment at DCA in 2007.


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