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Welcome to The Peel by DCA, where we “peel” back the layers to give you an inside look at the internal workings of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

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VIDEO: Paradise Lost, Paradise Found: Fire Victims Rebuild with Help from Architects and Contractors

After a devastating fire turned their community into a ghost town, residents of Paradise in Northern California are ready to start over. California architects and contractors are stepping up to help rebuild their town, making way for a new Paradise. One property owner isn’t taking any chances and will use a fireproof material to reconstruct…

VIDEO: Charity Builds Strength With Skateboards

Young girl wearing a skateboard helmet

For 66 years, the Physical Therapy Board has been vetting and licensing physical therapists in California. They enforce a high professional standard; that hasn’t changed. But the profession itself has. SkateMD’s unique approach to the gamification of physical therapy has kids who may struggle to walk rocking ramps at the skate park. The changes in…

VIDEO: Cars Put on a Diet to Pave the Way for Alternate Modes of Transportation

Bicycle in a marked bike lane

Have you noticed green patches of paint popping up on California roads? How about parked cars in the middle of the street? Landscape architects and traffic engineers are making these changes by putting motorized vehicles on a “Road Diet.” It’s an effort to reduce single occupancy vehicles and accommodate bicycles, scooters, ride sharing and foot…